As an insurance agent, you have probably figured out that you need an online presence to keep up with this ever-changing digital world we now live in. As little as fifteen years ago, you would have not needed social media, a website, or lead generation websites to fuel your insurance business. Nonetheless, the world is adopting more of a digital approach with their daily lives at a staggering rate. What does this mean for independent agents looking for insurance leads online? More work, more money, and more time.

If your an agent and wade into the ocean that is the internet, fishing for leads, and searching for a way to leverage the waves of traffic rolling into other agents’ businesses, you’ll most likely flail just to keep your head above water. How does an agent dive in and succeed at this without a boat to fish from? A rod to catch fish? The money to invest in all the necessary components to succeed out at sea? In most cases, agents don’t make it. The ocean is unforgiving. So is the internet.

This is where BriteBee can help! We noticed a gap between the insurance agent and the insurance shopper, and we’ve developed an online insurance shopping experience the consumer and the agent will benefit from.

In most cases, the shopper would go online, request a number of quotes for car, home, or life insurance, and then be bombarded with calls, emails, and direct mail about how hundreds of agents around the nation could give them the best service possible–and these agents may have done just that. However, the experience for the consumer has gotten a little ridiculous. They feel like every time they have to shop for insurance, their going to get stung. Ouch!

On the other end, agents purchase lead lists, and they start cold calling, emailing, or sending direct mail to potential consumers looking for a particular type of insurance. Most of the time, the agent knows very little about the consumer, and the ability to serve them begins after the consumer agrees to get on the phone with them, which is the hard part. Nonetheless, agents are spending hundreds of hours annually making calls and sending emails that do nothing positive for their personal brand and, in some cases, can hurt it in the long run. Do you want to be known as the independent agent in the area that’s pushy, overbearing, or overwhelming toward potential customers? We didn’t think so.

In this post, we’re going to share six ways insurance agents can find success with online insurance leads using BriteBee, a trusted, effective platform that connects consumers and agents without the stress and wasted time the industry currently promotes.

Six Ways Agents Find Success With BriteBee

Benefit #1 – Build Trust

As an independent insurance agent, trust is a huge factor with potential consumers and current clients. On the BriteBee platform, you have the opportunity to build trust with insurance shoppers through your platform profile, ratings, and testimonials.

Benefit #2 – Develop A Positive Reputation

As you serve customers on the BriteBee platform, they are prompted to rate you. This means you can narrow your focus onto customer service, and spend less time selling to those who aren’t ready to buy or don’t trust you yet.

Benefit #3 – Create New Connections

Once a consumer accepts one of your quotes, you’ll be able to connect with them to discuss the policy you have offered them. This is where a new connection is created between you and the consumer; it’s also where direct customer service begins.

Benefit #4 – Foster Long Term Relationships

Over time, your insurance clients will return to you for car, home, life, and other insurance quotes for policies. As you foster long term relationships, you retain customers. What’s better than a one-time customer? A customer that contacts you whenever they need something you provide.

Benefit #5 – Add Professional Value

When it comes to insurance, you’re the expert. So why let the shopper discover how a potential policy actually covers them? You can add professional value, which builds trust and fosters long-term relationships, to your client’s life by being their insurance resource.

Benefit #6 – Provide Accurate Quotes

On the BriteBee platform, there are no hidden fees or a cost per lead. You can provide accurate and consistent insurance quotes without getting stung later on lead costs, processing fees, or other industry “standard” expenses.

Don’t Let Online Insurance Sting You Anymore!

BriteBee is built with the future of online insurance search in mind. The consumer should retain control of their online experience, whether that be insurance, entertainment, or necessities. The insurance industry as a whole has lagged behind this evolution in online shopping. BriteBee decided to do something about it! Our platform allows for the agent to focus on serving customers who want to purchase insurance from them, not harassing cold leads who don’t know you’re calling.

Take the sting out of online insurance leads! Sign up with BriteBee today!