You’ve heard the phrase. You’ve probably shared its sentiment before. Nonetheless, it’s a cliche for a reason: Treat customers the way you want to be treated. It’s that simple. But in a digital world, how is this possible? As insurance agents, independent or otherwise, it can be tough to be connected 24/7(or connected as often as possible). This is certainly a struggle for most, but it’s opening up an opportunity never seen before in the history of the insurance industry. Insurance leads are asking for help instead of asking for quotes.

Three Ways Customer Services Has Changed The World

It can be said that since the dawn of humans, customer service has existed. People used to barter to trade goods and services before currency was invented. Once currency was introduced into economies, it made bartering much easier and nearly obsolete. Market prices were set, and people went about their lives. When the digital world made its debut, people were skeptical at first, but no more than two decades later, people started using digital interactions as their baseline for customer service expectations. Here are three ways customer service has changed the world:

Seamless Engagement

As customer service evolves with the consumer’s expectations, so do those providing the services. Prior to the internet, there was an expectation for face-to-face engagements to resolve issues, make sales, and discuss concerns or questions. Now, more consumers would rather self-serve then discuss their questions with an actual human. The engagements online with chat bots, online quote forms, and text messaging is ever increasing.

But there’s a caveat to the self-serving customer desire. When things get too complicated, customers hit the eject button on their self-service and immediately search for external help. Guess who can be available to help insurance shoppers with complicated questions? Insurance agents. The line between self-service and requesting help is seamless, and it’s your duty as an agent to serve your customers when they ask for your help.

Meet Customers Where They Are

At BriteBee, we think buying leads is a little behind the curve for insurance agents. Customers don’t want to be called three times a day to discuss a blanket policy they submitted for online. They simply want a price, a quote, and a way to purchase the policy if they want it. What they don’t want is a barrage of calls, emails, and direct mail invading their lives.

The question must be asked, then: Where are insurance shoppers engaging with the industry? Seventy-four percent of shoppers go online to get a quote, research pricing, or find an agent near them. If nearly three-quarters of the insurance shoppers on the market are going online to start their research, why aren’t you already there? It’s simple: Customer expectations.

Shoppers expect to control their experience until they can’t anymore. The friction is in their lack of understanding or need for assistance. Both of these barriers prompt the shopper to contact an insurance agent. This is where agents can find mass amounts of opportunity. Not only are customers at this crossroads looking for face-to-face help, but they’re more qualified than a cold call or email about a blanket quote request.

This is how you meet customers where they are in their insurance search journey. Be available when they’re ready to ask for help.

Treat Customers How You Want To Be Treated

Once a customer has decided they need assistance, you need to adopt a service approach to the encounter. If a customer chooses you, it’s because you look trustworthy, knowledgeable, or someone has referred them. If you, as an agent, were shopping for insurance, you wouldn’t want to deal with a hard-selling individual. You know how it all works. You’d probably want someone who was straightforward, put together policies that fit you best, and existed to serve any insurance need you required.

If this is true, then it’s time you adjusted your approach and started serving customers instead of hard-selling them.

Insurance Leads That Don’t Sting

If you want to keep up with the online insurance industry, you need to focus on serving your insurance shoppers over everything else. They’ll find the information they need online, research the policies, and, in some cases, make purchases that could’ve been otherwise better if they had your expert knowledge in their corner. However, you will begin to get warm leads, those asking for help, and those referring business to you because you helped them, not because you sold them.

You’re probably wondering if this system even exists yet. At BriteBee, we created it. Our trusted platform allows for servant-based insurance agents to thrive while customers can control their entire insurance shopping experience, hassle-free.

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