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What is ATV Insurance?

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) insurance requirements will differ from one state to the next. If you use your ATV on the public highways or parks, then you might be legally obliged to buy ATV coverage. Here, we answer all your questions about ATV coverage and explain the ins and outs of what an ATV policy will and will not cover.

ATV Coverage Explained

All-terrain vehicle insurance actually works in a very similar way to an auto insurance policy. Because there is an element of risk involved in driving ATVs, your insurance policy is structured to provide coverage for accidents involving both yourself and others. You can also buy coverage against theft, vandalism, and any damage that could be caused by a range of perils, such as a storm or fire. Correctly insuring your ATV will give you financial protection in the event of any of the above, and it can also help with any legal expenses should you face a lawsuit after an accident.

Who needs to buy ATV insurance?

Unlike standard auto insurance, you are not legally obliged to buy insurance for your ATV in all states. If you use your ATV on a public road, in public parks, or state parks, then your state might require you have coverage in place. If you are financing your ATV, then you might be asked to buy ATV coverage as part of the purchase agreement with the company that you are buying it from.

Regardless of how often you use your ATV, you should always check with a local insurance agent to make sure you are buying the right level of coverage. They will be able to offer you expert guidance, answer your questions about ATV insurance and provide you with a quote and cost of protection for your ATV.

What does ATV insurance cover?

Buying ATV insurance can help to protect your finances in the event of an accident, loss, damage, theft, or injury. Here are the main elements of coverage you will get when you purchase an ATV insurance policy.

  • Collision Coverage - This will pay out for any repairs if your ATV is damaged following an accident.
  • Liability Coverage - This will cover the cost of any property damage or bodily injury up to the pre-set amount if you are found to be at fault for an accident. It could also cover your legal expenses if you face any legal action.
  • Uninsured and/or Underinsured Motorist Coverage – This is usually an optional extra for an ATV insurance policy. It can help to cover certain costs in the event another individual was to cause an accident and where they do not hold adequate insurance to cover your expenses.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This is not a legal requirement in every state, and it is also an optional extra. It provides coverage in the event your ATV is stolen, vandalized, or is damaged by fire or extreme weather conditions.

How much ATV insurance should you buy?

There are lots of factors that determine how much coverage you should buy for your ATV. Just like every vehicle is different, so are the drivers who need coverage. If you want a quote for ATV insurance, be prepared to answer questions about how you intend to use your vehicle. For instance, if you are only ever going to use your ATV on private roads in your own estate or property, then your risk profile will be much lower than someone who will drive it on the public highways or parks. The value of your all-terrain vehicle is also going to impact the cost of your insurance too.

Does ATV insurance cover passengers and other drivers?

It’s not uncommon for an ATV to have multiple drivers. Some families will share the use of a vehicle, and other people will lend their ATVs to friends; so, knowing who is covered to drive an ATV is vital. While each policy is different, and you will need to check who is covered to drive when you get quotes from ATV insurance companies; in most cases, the coverage will apply to your passengers and the person who is driving. The usual requirements are that the person who is driving will need to have a valid license and be over the age of 16. However, if you know your ATV will be driven by others, make sure you ask the question when you get ATV quotes, or you buy an ATV insurance policy.

Where is The Best Place to Buy ATV Coverage?

The majority of auto insurance providers will sell insurance for ATVs. There is also a range of companies that specialize in providing ATV insurance. Whatever your needs, if you need to buy ATV insurance, you should always speak with an insurance expert before you take out a new policy.

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