No leads equals no sales can be a tough truth to accept as an independent insurance agent. It can also be tough to know how important generating insurance leads online and not have the time, money, or resources to do so effectively. You may have already tapped your natural market, the market you can reach with word of mouth––but as you already know, this approach is limited. You can only talk to so many people in a single day. We get it!

At BriteBee, we understand if you’re exhausted with the online insurance lead generation game that every agent is playing across the nation. It’s exhausting. It costs money. It takes time. But what if you could generate leads with less effort, money, and time? What if those leads were warm, ready to purchase, and contacted you first? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s available to you right now!

The BriteBee platform was built to achieve a specific mission: Bridge the gap between insurance agent and insurance shopper without all the annoying cold calls, random emails, and useless direct mail to ruin the agent-consumer relationship before it even gets started. Insurance shoppers want more than a bargain deal. They want a professional relationship with their agent, so they can ask questions, make the best decisions possible, and call someone when they need to file a claim. We also know that when insurance agents can focus on serving their current customers instead of selling to new ones, they increase retention, which leads to consistency.

Create Your Own Insurance Leads Online

What’s all the buzz about BriteBee? Well, insurance agents are finding that it helps them do less work for a better return. Instead of making dozens of phone calls every day to win a potential shopper before another agent does, they can work on building their reputation through our trusted platform. The agent can spend more time on serving than selling.

Through the BriteBee platform, you’re able to manage your reputation, build trust, create new connections, foster long term client relationships, and provide unique value to the market. Consumers will be able to search through agents who offer the type of insurance they need before making the decision to contact the agent. Also, our platform offers agents to consumers, first, that are local, so the discussion can be taken offline if needed.

We give control back to the insurance shopper so, you, the agent can focus on serving your clients better and more consistently.

How Does BriteBee Help Generate Insurance Leads?

It’s all about how you present yourself on the BriteBee platform. We offer each agent their own profile, which they can build out with content to improve reputation and build trust with consumers before they ever contact you. This approach does two things for the agent. It removes cold calling and emailing, and it offers a better search experience for the consumer. This improves positive interactions between agent and consumer, which leads to more opportunities to help the insurance shopper find and purchase the policy they actually need.

Take The Sting Out Of Online Insurance Leads

We want you to win online. We also know how the industry currently operates. The BriteBee platform takes what the industry has ignored for years and gives it to the agent and the consumer. The consumer wants more control, and the agent wants more leads. What stands between these two objectives? Trust. That’s why our platform is all about agent servanthood. Want to start some buzz around your insurance business? Sign up with BriteBee today!